Recorded Future: Sandbox

Welcome to the Recorded Future: Sandbox API documentation.

The v0 API endpoints in the cloud version of Recorded Future: Sandbox are considered stable. Minor changes will be made in a backwards compatible manner where possible and will be described in the changelog below.

For researchers and customers, we provide an API to automate sample analysis. The API is REST-like and includes event-driven actions.

The public cloud API:

The private cloud API:

The RecordedFuture sandbox API:

The endpoints described in the API documentation use this base URL as prefix.

One might also be interested in our official API client implemented in Go and Python.

Our FAQ might have the answer you are looking for.

In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding the API, please reach out to us on


  • 2022-09-09: The first_name and last_name fields in the User object have been deprecated in favor of the name field. Please see the User Management page for more information.

  • 2024-04-01: NDJSON site and spec are deprecated. All its usages have been changed to JSONL. This spec is fully compatible with Sandbox's current usage of NDJSON. Affects: /api/v0/samples/events and /api/v0/samples/<sampleID>/events